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Àdìtú is a Newsletter that regularly delivers to you topnotch information that make meaning out of the littlest of things, living and existing.

Àdìtú could be loosely translated as ‘the Enigmatics’ and in the Yoruba parlance, it is used for mysterious matters, things beyond man's understanding.

Almost always, these kind of discourses are found with the elderly: growing up around them and fitting into their ways have opened my mind's eyes to things.

But while enigmatic matters are incomprehensible, I'll be cracking codes for you here; the way the Elderly save us out.

Writing has helped me comb into life's thickets even more, I will like to share my discoveries with you: these life hacks that have worked for many. No theories.

I just want to give it all out. The good, the bad, the ugly. I want to die empty. I want to be sure these lessons and wisdoms have benefited people.

Feedbacks on my works:

“There's a way with your writing. It reads like the words of an elder, full of experience; very wise in the ways of this world.”

—Timi Sanni

“This collection explores multitudes.... from familial lore to the spirit/ual underpinnings of life in this world. Reading Ayeyemi’s words is like spending time with a sacred text.”

—Sara Lefsyk

“....a contemporary voice unfurling layers of traditional themes. The chapbook is like an evening at the feet of a white-haired sage, under the gleaming moonlight. This poet has learnt to break kolas of verses and pour libations of fine palm wine of metaphors.”

—Jide Badmus

But then, watch out for more, my discoveries: life hacks, personal brand development, aha moments, culture and places…

Stay tuned.

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Some people feel the rain. Some just get wet. Likewise not everybody on the cross is a messiah. Writing has helped me zoom into life's thicket; so here, I'd regularly send you my discoveries: aha moments, life hacks, personal growth tips, culture & places


When he's not in the court arguing, in the chambers drafting, in the bedchamber with his cats poeticizing or meditating as a Sufi, he'll be somewhere talking...